Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Warudo-Kappu Netsu!!!!

So the USA's buggered its chance in World Cup. 3-0 loss. Oh well, at least it was to Czech, one of the top teams. Japan lost to Australia, which made the aussies here unbearable. The worst part is the earliest game starts at 10pm, just when I go to bed. The USA-Czech match was on at 1am Tokyo time. This means I don't get to watch our boys play. I'll probably stay up til the 4am match this weekend, but I'm not gonna enjoy it.

In other soccer news, I somehow managed to seriously twist my ankle playing 2-on-2 soccer during lunch with a bunch of 13 year-olds yesterday. I never realized how difficult it is to move around this country when it hurts to walk. I bought a brace this afternoon, just in time for most of the pain to stop, but the swelling's still there. Looks like I have a hippo glued to my ankle. Hope it gets better soon, I'm headed to the gym for jumping tomorrow night, and Sunday is my own private little world cup match, when I get to show the guys just how a real American plays soccer (that is, poorly).

PS - at least Spain's winning right now. 3-0, but I keep missing the goals. Curse my low-level ADD!

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