Friday, June 02, 2006

Another brief, slightly inebriated post

So I've finished my week at the school I dread. I met some teachers for drinks tonight, one of them informed me that the school I just finished has a reputation for not being friendly to teachers. So I guess now I don't feel as bad. After the sports festival, the general atmosphere seemed to get better, maybe the teachers didn't feel under the same pressure as usual.

Tuesday was nice. I went to Yugawara city with my friend Kaori. We went to a hot spring resort I know. For $10.50 you get entrance for the whole day to this place. It has a rooftop onsen (hot spring) with a great view of Sagami Bay. It's co-ed too, which makes it ideal for going with someone of the opposite sex (but you have to wear swimsuits...too bad in that respect). This week I got paid, which meant an overindulgence in going out, especially tonight. I just finished a several-hour drinking binge with Julian and assorted teachers, plus some karaoke. Tomorrow is a beach BBQ in Chigasaki, the next town over, and Sunday is a friendly soccer game with the folks I went camping with. It oughta be fun.

I need to conserve my cash. I'm saving up for a trip to Thailand in August. If I can get the cash for it, I want to sign up for some SCUBA diving if I can. That requires some logistics given my sight capabilities, but I'll see what can be done. Anyway, signing off for now. Take care all.

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