Sunday, June 18, 2006

The heat is on

Well, it's the rainy season now. Which means continuous 80%-plus humidity, constant rainfall, and lots of heat. I did all my washing this weekend, and it's still damp. Soon I won't have any underwear or socks that aren't damp. It's a bit frustrating. Not to mention the sour mood one gets in damp skivvies.

My ankle stopped hurting a few days ago, so for good measure I went to the gym today and yesterday. With all the jumping and hopping around in the body combat classes, my ankle has now resumed its bloated form. Yay. I need to take it easy from now on.

The next Japan game is on in a few minutes, so Julian's gonna pop by. Should be a fun time. Too bad it's a Sunday night. Tomorrow's gonna be rough.

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