Thursday, June 08, 2006

Beach BBQ

Last weekend I went to a beach barbecue in Chigasaki, the next town over from Hiratsuka, with Julian and some other friends. It was a bit cloudy, but that certainly helped my delicate complexion, since I didn’t fry myself. The food was good, the company even better. I got to meet Julian’s friend Phil, an amateur BMX rider. He’s big into the skateboarding and BMX scene here, I guess. Phil’s also got the ideal job. He does the same thing as me, but directly for the school, so he works 3 days a week and gets paid more than I do. I need to find one of those jobs.

Some of Phil’s Japanese friends showed up with some fish they’d caught off the pier that morning. They just tossed them on the grill directly, no gutting or anything. I swear, Japanese people will eat anything that comes out of the ocean. It was rather amazing. One guy devoured the fish, minus head and guts, in under a minute. It looked like it was out of those cartoons where the cat puts the fish in his mouth and pulls it out completely clean. I guess coming from a landlocked state, it’s just not that normal for me. We also got to play some Frisbee, I was glad to see my Frisbee skills haven’t gotten too rusty since my ultimate days in high school.

In other news, Wednesday was my friend Julian's birthday. We had a couple of drinks this evening, and the big bash for him is Saturday night. Should be a good time. Tomorrow night I'll see "Da Vinci Code." It probably won't be as enjoyable as the book, but I feel obligated to see it. Plus, there'll be a group going, so if it's boring, we can just make fun of it.

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