Monday, November 29, 2004

A belated Turkey Day post

I wanted to have some semblance of Thanksgiving dinner in Japan, even if it meant making do with what's on hand. So my American friend Ana, Aussie pal Dam-o and I got together on about 2 hours notice and created ourselves a nice mini-feast. Most Japanese homes don't have an oven, and even if I had one, finding a turkey to stick in it would be near impossible. So we made do with a couple of small game hens precooked at a stall near work, mashed Japanese sweet potatoes, boiled Japanese pumpkin (a lot like acorn squash, really), and some assorted odds and ends to round it off. It worked out pretty well, we feasted and gave thanks for friendship in a strange land, and toasted our way through a bottle of wine and some Korean soju (rice wine, I think). Dam-o was, in typical Aussie fashion, partially lit beforehand, so he was incoherent by the end. Just another typical evening in Japan.

I think Roommated Joe was a little peeved that we had something going at home, and I disturbed the last 5 minutes of his movie with his girlfriend. So he hasn't spoken but a few words to me since Turkey Day, and I can finally be thankful for not having to hear his cracking voice. (More on Roommate Joe later.)

Friday, November 19, 2004

I'm heeeere

I've finally arrived! After so long trying to code/set up my own webpage, I broke down and went for blogger. I think it will be a good thing overall, especially if I don't have to pay anything for it. I've been pretty slack in writing, so you should be able to read more of my updates here. So stay tuned for more exciting adventures of...."Hoosiers in Japan!!!"