Friday, June 22, 2007

Ah, but is the food quality?

So one of the places I might head to on my trip is Brunei. It's a teeny, tiny sultanate on the northern tip of Borneo. This is what you can look forward to when visiting there (thanks, Brunei

"The tiny but thriving Islamic Sultanate of Brunei perches on the northwestern coast of Borneo, completely encircled by the East Malaysian state of Sarawak.

Brunei is a little slice of Islamic heaven. Alcohol is virtually unobtainable, there's no nightlife to speak of, and the political culture encourages quiet acquiescence to the edicts of the sultan. The folk of Brunei are amply rewarded for their conformist ways with free healthcare, free education, free sporting centres, cheap loans and high, tax-free wages."

I can't wait to go!

Drumroll please....

Borneo it is, for this summer's vacation. I'll be gone 30 days, from July 28 to August 27. Though not all of that will be spent on the island. I'll be there through August 14, at which point I'll jet back to Kuala Lumpur and decide what to do. I've a couple friends in Singapore who need visiting, and Thailand's a day's train-ride away. I can get back to Koh Tao, the island I was on last year, and do my Advanced SCUBA cert. Let's hope the cash holds out!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My take on the new place

Not bad, but several things wrong with it that together might've put me off renting had I noticed them all. Most of them are minor, but a couple of them, like the fact that I don't know how to put on the screen doors, are rather major. We also have to move the aircon unit from Mike's bedroom to the living room. I went into his room the other day to mess around with the internet (another problem -- later) and found he'd left it on. I don't know if it's gonna be a regular occurrence or not, but I don't want to pay for the most expensive electric item and not get any cool benefit from it. My room's completely unairconditioned, but it stays fairly cool, as long as I keep the window open. The downside to that is I get to hear every door slam for all 11 floors.

But the location is just awesome, I tell myself every time I find a new problem. I think most of it is that I've got a bunch of extra stuff that I haven't been able to get rid of, and I haven't figured out the best way to organize my room. Right now, what hasn't been put into my drawers has been cast about the room. I'm weighing various organizing solutions and when I figure out which one I want and get it set up, things should be much smoother.

In other news, I not have a tomato plant and a habanero bush. Both are tiny and growing. I'm watering them often and I think I've noticed a bit of growth on both. Let's hope they don't keel over.

The weedwhacker analogy

If your "underlying beliefs or theories" made you stick your dick in the blender, even "reluctantly," and you haven't thoroughly reassessed these concepts, I frankly don't want to hear your advice about what to do with the weed whacker.

credit to thers

Friday, June 08, 2007


And hopefully for the last time for a couple years. I might not have internet, my roommate got his transferred, but can't get it working for some reason. Guess that means if I can get it to work, we're screwed for a while.

I got my friend Naomi to drive this time, and I'll pretty much be doing all the heavy lifting. Glad I haven't been going to the gym so I can save up my energy for tomorrow...or something like that. The sinus trouble I'm having is just icing on the cake -- nothing like physical exertion, bending over picking up things, when your face feels like it's being hammered with an ice pick. Tomorrow's gonna be fun!