Monday, September 12, 2005

A Brief Update

So I've been diving back into work and having my birthday, so I've been a little busy, and there just hasn't ever been time to write. Although I guess that happens a lot. So here are some highlights of my time.

I had my birthday on the 7th. Ana and Julian tried to organize a surprise party for me, inviting lots of friends along. It was good, though not really a surprise after Julian let it slip when they were still organizing it. I got some great presents, a box from home that my mom filled with microwave popcorn and a 1 gig memory card for my camera. Ana and Damien got me a recipe book and a bunch of kitchen utensils. I think it's a hint since I always go to Ana's for dinner but haven't had them up that often to my place. I got a photo book of Tokyo from my roommate Tracey, and Miwa gave me a book to help me study Japanese. I've applied to take the Japanese Proficiency Test in December - at the lowest level, of course - so I need to study more.

Work's been alright. There were four ALTs: myself, Julian, and this Canadian couple from Fujisawa's sister city. One of the couple finished his contract in August, so they both took off to Calgary and called from there to say they wouldn't hang around. The head people changed everything around and gave me completely different schools to go to. So I have to spend this month saying goodbye to all the students and teachers at the schools. Fortunately, Julian gets all of mine, including one that takes forever to get to, and I'm sure I'll hear about them all from him.

That's about it, except I haven't slept well this weekend (too much going out) and it's late here so I need my beauty sleep. I'll try to write more later.

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