Saturday, January 28, 2006

A fine day out

Today was finally a nice, sunny, warm day. I took a bit to get going, but in the afternoon walked down to Enoshima island from Fujisawa and watched the sun set. I got some great photos, so I'll be sure to post the better ones later.

Tomorrow is the Chinese Lunar New Year, so I'm heading to Yokohama with some friends to check it out. We also may be getting tickets to visit Korea at the end of February. I have to do some calculations tomorrow and make sure it's financially possible, but it'd be a fun thing to do. Also on the list is joining the gym, so hopefully I can get myself back into some semblence of shape.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, the Densha Trooper! (via OctopusDropKick) He's also got a fun vid of him taking the train. Well, that oughta keep you going for a bit. More hopefully this week.

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Anonymous said...

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