Thursday, December 09, 2004

Warning: Incoherent Rambling - don't mind the drooling maniac

I just started reading a book by one of Indianapolis' most famous sons, Kurt Vonnegut. I'd gotten to page 14 of Timequake when I was suddenly hit by an urge to write something. You should read this book; even though I've barely gotten through the prologue, it's pretty good. I was struck by a remark he made about a fictional story in which a 3rd airplane was sent to drop an atomic bomb on Japan. I connected it with something my friend Glasser said once about how authors and actors shouldn't use their celebrity to promote this or that political agenda.

That's the point at which I thought, What gives anyone the right to determine how other people live? What gives GW Bush the right to be president and make all sorts of decisions that affect every single human being on the planet? He certainly never went to President school? He was a numbskull in his own university, one who would probably be a homeless druggie if he didn't have insanely wealthy parents who leeched off the lifeblood of people who actually do something somewhat productive for the world. He certainly isn't exemplary of the 'values' that the uber-conservative Indiana instilled in me: he didn't make his own was in the world, he never suffers the consequences of his idiocies, and he certainly doesn't practice what he preaches.

Then I thought, it's probably not nice to write that, I'll probably offend someone. The next thought that went through my mind was, Well, fuck them. People are way too goddamn sensitive.

So in short, read Timequake, writers should be able to have their voices heard, even if they're famous and I don't like them, and I'm definitely in need of sleep. Later.


Anonymous said...

RAMBLING! Call that rambling. i'll give you fucking rambling! What's the deal with chickens why the #@%& can't they fly? Are they that stupid? And if they are that stupid, why the hell hasn't evolution done away with them? You know why? I'll tell you #@%*ing why. Its because stupidity prevails over all else. No sane mind can predict the actions of a chicken. Which way will they go, how fast will they go, how far will they go, for how long will they go? The only thing you can be certain of is that the insanely stupid thing isn't going to go up. This unintelligent, subnormal, mentally deficient,feeble minded chook has ineffect nullified the advantage of having an intelligence, stupidity reigns supreme. We as humans are at times just as moronic and dense, the actions of the current American government is a prime example of that. 'Shit don't these arabs like us? but we have been trying to show them how to live like good civilised christains for decades now, my gosh how ungrateful. HEY I know what lets bomb the shit out of them and see if they like us then, champion idea!' But back to chickens cause you can have more of a conversation with a chicken then you can with an American president. Proof of the chickens dominance is that it knows to taste good. Now its stupid to make yourself a food source but its this very fact that has let those dim witted feathered fowls to cover the earth. If you've ever looked into the eyes of a chicken you can see the glint of world domination swimming behind the lifeless black windows. So hail to the king of the flightless birds, stand up big all you chickens out there, for it is your stupidity that saves your cloaka.....

Anonymous said...

Bush never went to President school? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. George Washington never went to President school. Lincoln, Arthur, Clinton, Kennedy never went to President school.

What gives Bush the right to be president? Apparently you never went to any kind of school. Even a first grader can tell you he was elected through a well established constitutionally deemed system of electorates representing the people of the United States. That's what. What gives you the right to question these things? You never went to whiny ex-patriot school. :)