Monday, December 13, 2004

Site Maintenence

So, a few words as you view my site. See that little blue link at the bottom of the posts? It says 'x comments' where 'x' is a number that's probably zero. That means you can open it up and see comments posted by you, people who are probably my friends. This way you can comment publicly on what I say. C'mon, you're not chicken to post something are you? Heck, I post my feelings to the world (well, not the dark, brooding ones always, but something at least), so you can do the same. Disagree? Go ahead and say so. If you're my friend and you've thought through your position, go for it. If you haven't, expect to get skewered by myself or someone else.

Also, if you want to check out my photos, that link on the line at the top goes to my photos page, where, thanks to Yahoo!, I've uploaded a gazillion pics, usually of tanuki statues or me drinking.

So let's hear from you all out there. It'll make for some fun times. So far, my friend in town, Damien, is the only one to post. He's the one that says 'chook,' which may become the new name of this blog since I like it so much. That, or Tanuki


Anonymous said...

I disagree.

Anonymous said...

This site does not go to far enough

Jeremy said...

Haha! Finally Porter writes something! Glad to hear you're still alive.