Monday, February 27, 2006

The weekend of weekends

Well, not really. Actually, it's one of my more miserable ones. This stupid sinus infection is 3 weeks old, and it's driving me nuts. It's gotten to where I can't sleep properly at night, sniffling and coughing periodically. I broke down today and went to a doctor. She said I had a sinus infection (duh!), and gave me some medicine. I was excited about it until I looked at the pill I thought was the antibiotics, and it said allergy on it, plus some kanji I can't decipher. Hopefully one of them means 'antibiotic.'

Also during this exciting weekend of mine, I'd taken two of my last paid holidays for the year so I could visit Nikko. Some of my friends headed to Korea, but I decided to save some cash and travel closer to home. Well, good thing I did, in my condition. Saturday I went to Nikko planning on a 2- or 3-day trip. I was miserable the whole way there, and having a 30 minute train delay didn't help. I got to Nikko at 3:30pm, all the temples and shrines closed at 4, and there is absolutely nothing else to do during the winter season in that town. It was good weather, sunny albeit a bit chilly, so I wandered around a bit. Sunday, it rained. A lot. At least it wasn't a complete downpour. But it was wet. I had a very tiny umbrella and saw what temples I could stomach, before limping back to the station to thaw out and catch a train back home. In Hiratsuka, it was raining too. That meant me just going home and staying in front of the computer, under the kotatsu, the whole evening. And I'm still here. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice too, I think, so I'll do some cleaning, but beyond that, I'm just hoping to get better. I hate being sick.

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Sam said...

Dude, that sucks. Did you get your medication straightened out?

Feel better man!