Friday, May 20, 2005

Summer's back

The heat and humidity have returned. Gone are the days when I would break a sweat only when I'm running really late some where or sitting in an onsen someplace. At 7:30 am yesterday, when I walked out to my bike to head to work, I felt like I was in a poolhouse, minus that funny chlorine smell. By lunchtime, the sun was on full blast and I'd been persuaded by some students to play a half-field game of soccer. I'm not exactly in the best of shape either, so when the bell rang to go back, I huffed and puffed my way inside where I had all of 5 minutes to prepare for class. In class I felt like a melted candle and, from the kids' faces, probably looked as pretty as one. They all were supposed to get up and give a short self-introduction to me. I pity them.

Today was my last day at Muraoka JHS until October. I said my goodbyes to the kids, and headed out. There was an English teachers' party, I never found out in whose honor, and so I got to sit and have a nice chat with my favorite teachers. So it was myself and 4 middle-aged ladies until the one male English teacher, who's younger than me, showed up. Mori-sensei's a cool guy, a very dedicated man who was inspired by his trip to Canada to help others learn a foreign language and expand their horizons. We exchanged emails, so hopefully we'll have the chance to hang out this summer. The food was pure Japanese style, and the teachers were all concerned I couldn't handle it. It was all delicious, except for the opener, which was a nice little reddish mousse made of red bell peppers. I don't know if it's because I expected something sweet or because I'd never had peppers in this texture, but something was definitely off with it. Mori-sensei couldn't handle it, so I officially ate more Japanese food than a Japanese. Good thing they didn't offer natto.

Tomorrow I'm going to see Star Wars on the base at Yokosuka with Sean. Let's hear it for the Armed Forces: bringing us movies they won't release forever in Japan.

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