Sunday, May 29, 2005

Amanda's on the way!

Well, I'm rather excited now. My cousin has taken a job at Nova in Japan, and she'll be living in Fujisawa, the city that I work in. She'll show up this Wednesday, and the fun all begins next week. I'm not really sure if she qualifies as my cousin, she's my cousins' half-sister. What the heck is that? For that matter, what am I to her? Is there even a name for it?

Anyway, I haven't seen her in a while. The last time was at my oldest cousin's high school graduation party, and I can't even remember when before that. Maybe when we were 14 or something. But all her travelling puts me to shame: she's worked in pubs in Ireland, done Peace Corps-type stuff in Africe (I think), and now she's coming to Japan. I only hear through the grape vine, and only recently have been in touch with her. So here's to having friends in the country. One of the reasons Ana and I decided to come to this area was because my friend Sean was in Yokosuka, and now Amanda's coming here (I'd like to think) because I recommended it. Cool! So what're the rest of you waiting for?

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