Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Weirdness & Random

Today was a really dreary and bleak day. It was cold and rainy, not to mention the fact that I'm near broke a week before payday. So today didn't involve doing much other than sitting in front of the computer surfing and watching strange anime. But lucky for you all, I did find some interesting stuff out there. One site is OctopusDropKick, a graphic design/CG page with a special emphasis on Japan and lots of japanese sites (though it does seem to have gone down in the past 15 minutes, but that's probably just me).

I'm also a little sore from kendo last night. I still show up at the beginner (read: little kids) class, since I don't have the cash to shell out for armor and all that gear yet. So I did the warmup with the kids, which made the parents laugh a lot. It's good to know that, if nothing else, I provide comic relief for these people. But I've been trying to keep up a daily workout routine, and I can actually feel myself getting into shape, rather than the blob that I usually am. Someday I'll be in really good shape and I'll try this out. Until then, I'll just have to stick with pushups.

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