Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A rollercoaster of emotions over technology

One week and counting til I move the the new place. And no internet there. Actually, no internet here, either. The account for our apartment's internet is in the name of some guy who's back in the States now. He evidently was getting charged by the company, even though we've been paying the bills. So he cancelled it. Funny thing is, I'm using the internet right now, and the modem's sitting unplugged in a bag waiting for the people to pick it up. Which makes me wonder if that modem ever worked for me, or just for the guy who had the cable plugged into it. Maybe I've been mooching off of someone else in this building and didn't even know it. Oops. Ain't technology grand?

Speaking of technology, I was getting pestered by emails from a friend begging me to sign up for some friends network based around people's SMS on their cell phone's. I kept wondering why they were so adamant that I sign up, so I did. Then I got a couple emails from others who said I'd been sending them that same type of email to join the same network. Long story short, if you get this kind of email, it's not me, and don't sign up. If anything, click on the link and at the very bottom in tiny print is a link to block it. Do that. I've never had a service so brazenly use my MSN contact list to push their product on other people. I've contacted them, let's see if something gets done.

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