Thursday, January 05, 2017

Grab 'em by the blog again!

Welp, this blog petered out after the 2008 election, Facebook, and a number of other things. Now, with the ascension of the Tangerine Caudillo, it's time to find somewhere to let loose the rage, and my poor officemates have probably had enough.

Oddly enough, because I'll be sharing these to Facebook, I've had enough of seeing some of the BS put up there. There's a real surfeit of crap "news" stories out there, and they need to be covered. Additionally, I would like to find an outlet to post some work-related stuff, particularly because this past year my lessons have been rather scattershot and disjointed, and I would like to develop a clearer blueprint to developing my lessons. There will probably be a lot of interesting stuff in them, touching on culture and life in Japan, as well as topics that have become important to me like the environment, work-life balance, consumer consumption, and how the things we buy in one place affect people all over the world.

I will also probably be doing it will heavily intoxicated, since that's about the only way I'll make it through the next 4 to 8(god forbid, because my liver probably can't take that long) years. Cheers!

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