Thursday, August 26, 2010

KL Int'l airport, 6:30am

should've smuggled more booze into Malaysia. Only brought a decent bottle of port since the limit is 1L of anything. But customs didn't even pretend to check, they just sit at empty, roped-off check stations. I totally could've brought in 6 or 8 bottles. As it is, a lovely cabin attendant gave me flasks of cointreau, rum & cognac because we chatted during the flight. Oh, and she gave me a bottle of white wine after I told her I couldn't sleep during flights.

In other airport news, I can tolerate the French -- they're like Americans who can't speak English. But I can't abide by CDG airport security making me throw out an empty water bottle. That is only second to the lunacy of KL and Singapore, who do the security check at the gate, so you can't fill up your water bottle before boarding (and you can't put liquor in storage outside customs, hence my hesitancy to buy lots of wine only to have it confiscated at KL customs).

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