Friday, May 02, 2008

4-day weekend, woohoo!

This week is Golden Week, and on my extra-long weekend, I'm headed off to Nikko for some camping. I went a couple years ago as well and had a good time. Sayaka and I went shopping and are now the proud owners of a tent and a soft-sided cooler.

We're not driving this year, there was a shortage of people with cars, so we have to take the train. Carrying all of our gear will be interesting. We're not travelling alone, we'll meet up with a few friends on the way, and things should be easier as we'll buy stuff at the supermarket near Nikko station, so carrying stuff shouldn't be too tough. But we're going during one of the busiest times of the year, and since everyone and their brother is going camping up there, my guess is that the market will be sold out. I'm hoping to be proved wrong. Otherwise, we'll be up a creek.

Tonight I have a welcome party for new teachers, and then I've gotta get up before 6am to get the train. Ick.


Anonymous said...

Hope you have fun! Don't monkey around!

Jeremy said...

Monkey, ha! Actually, our bus nearly flattened a trio of the buggers coming down the mountain. At least they didn't raid our campsite.