Friday, April 04, 2008

Meguri Max!

Well, I've got some things to write about my spring vacation, but I'm still recovering and exhausted, so I don't feel like writing much. Instead, I'll show you a bizarre Japanese game. Here's the game's own explanation:
I'm the Mekuri Master, the Skirt-Flip King. The name isn't their idea... It's mine. I'm a man who was born to lift skirts. You think any so-called "rules" are gonna stop me? When classes get out, I race through the corridors like a fearsome wind, flipping, flipping, flipping up girls' skirts and letting the whole world know that I am the Mekuri Master!
Basically, you're some pervert running through a school hall flipping girls skirts. It's harder than it sounds (oh, I kill me!). You can even select the type of panties the girls have. For those of you unwilling to play, here's a video for ya:

(from Rock, Paper, Scissors, video by GameTrailers)

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