Thursday, August 02, 2007

Saying Goodbyes

Today saw us getting up early again, but only 7am this time. Not bad considering I’d fallen asleep by 10pm.

We took a taxi to Kota Kinabalu and got myself checked in to my hostel, Step-Inn Lodge. The place was nice and airy, with a super-friendly staff. Then we took off to one of the nearby islands, Manutik. It:s smaller than Sapi, and the snorkeling wasn’t as good – the bigger waves stirred up the bottom sand too much and made floating in one place nigh impossible. But the mango Sayaka bought at a fruit market was delicious (though the mangosteens had spiders hiding under the leaves, which scared the crap outta me).

After that, it was back to my hostel for a cleanup and then off for a final dinner together. We found a good local restaurant and sat in plastic chairs, enjoying our meal. Sayaka even discovered she likes Carlsburg beer. We headed out to the airport, said our goodbyes, then she was off. I returned to the hostel, chatted with the night guys a bit, then hit the hay.

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