Thursday, May 17, 2007

Apartment update

Come June 1st, I should be finally moving out of Todd’s house. It’s something I’m sure he’ll appreciate. I’ll like it better too, in my own apartment and not in a small room with all my stuff piled around the edges. The process has been long and arduous, but I finally got something. The apartment itself isn’t much – the living room is spacious, but my room won’t have any closets, and there aren’t any closets in the entire apartment to store miscellaneous stuff, which means we’ll be spending a bit of cash on things to put things in – but the location is superb. We’re on the hypotenuse of a little triangular sliver of a block, across the street from the shrine, half a block to the main post office (great for getting large packages from home, hint, hint) and roughly ten minutes walk to the station. It’ll add about ten minutes or so to my commute, maybe more to the rural school, but it more than makes up for it by being close to the gym and everything else I routinely go to. It gives me less of an excuse to avoid the gym in bad weather, and I just realized it’s about two blocks from a darts/sports bar we frequent. The view isn’t spectacular. We overlook the car park, and the morning sun is blocked by an apartment. But if you look to the left and lean out over the railing you can see the little wooded area that makes up part of Hachiman Shrine.

My roommate will be Happy Mike. For those of you who don’t know him, it’s because the guy never smiles. We should get on alright since our schedules are so different we won’t actually spend much time together in the apartment. His days off are Tuesday and Wednesday, and he usually finishes work late at night, so he’ll get home when I’m already in bed. As long as we both pull our weight, it’ll probably be like not having a roommate at all. Heck, he can’t be worse than Crazy Joe, the guy who used to take baths with his bike and trundle around the apartment like Doofy.

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Sam said...

1. Awesome, congrats on the new digs!
2. Excellent use of "hypotenuse."