Thursday, September 28, 2006

Why didn't you say so!?

It’s the last week I’m scheduled to be at this school, ever. One of the teachers, and old, crusty science teacher, who’s never said a word to me, comes up and says, “I want to speak more English. I listen to the radio, but I don’t improve.” Granted, it came out quite a bit less grammatically correct, but he said it IN ENGLISH. And it’s the FIRST TIME he’s ever said ANYTHING to me. I’ve been here off and on for 6 months, and these are his first words to me. I’ll never understand some people. The thing is, he just wanted to to inform me of this, there was no request for help or anything, not even hinted at. Usually, if a body wants something, it’s considered too rude to outright ask for it. You've gotta do a little verbal dance, saying how much you like something, or how pleasant something sounds, etc. until the other person gets the hint. So, I either missed a potential student, or this guy just wanted to inform me of something he’d have been better off saying in April. Geez.


dbeades said...

So did you say you wanted to improve your Japanese? Maybe you could help each other?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and he mighta had a hot daughter. Now you've missed 2 opportunities! D'oh!

Jeremy said...

I've got enough people I can ask, somebody 20 years my senior isn't the best person to ask for help.

And y guess would be that he didn't. Just from observing.