Saturday, September 20, 2008

Just a thought

For $700 billion, how many kids could have health insurance?

Ben's here!

My brother got here Friday night from Washington. He was only back in the States a week or so, having just got back from the sandy wastes of Iraq. He's still vacuuming sand out of his craw, but he's in good shape and a lot bigger than I remember (although I still win in height - yay!). Weirdly enough, we weight the same, which tells me that if I can somehow turn my beer gut to muscle, I'll have an advantage.

We hit up Bincho Ohgiya, my favorite yakitori restaurant the first night, then played darts at the sports pub near my house. Ben beat me at darts and then celebrated by breaking the tips off one of them. boo.

Yesterday we went to Kamakura and did the normal thing, visiting two of the major shrines and temples before jet lag set in. Ironically, he stayed awake the whole train ride back while I napped. In the evening we had a drinking session, complete with lots of sashimi and variuos fried stuff.

Today there's a Brazilian festival on in the park north of my place, so we're heading up there. It looks like rain again today (we had a typhoon brush us Friday night, then last night another rainstorm), so our plans for heading to Harajuku and checking out the crazy people is gonna have to wait til next week.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A slight detour, by Tarp Lazer Palin

Well, there's a lot going on. I've been back from Singapore for a couple weeks, broken up with my girlfriend, had a birthday that turned out alright after threatening to be a complete bummer. I'm now on a 3 day weekend drifting, not knowing at all what to do.

So instead of dealing with our problems, let's aviod them for 15 minutes and play the Sara Palin Baby Name Generator. You can see my name above. My friend Ana has the best name, as she's now "Skunk Grunt Palin," a name that only slightly bests her maiden name of Ana Roof.